Below are some frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for please contact us and will respond as soon as possible.

How do Coaching Plans work?

Coaching Plans give players access to our group coaching programme in one affordable monthly fee. To join a coaching session(s) on our coaching programme you will need to have an active Coaching Plan. 

When you start your badminton journey you'll join with a two-week free pass. This will give you a couple of weeks to experience our group coaching. Once your free pass is complete you'll automatically subscribe to a monthly Coaching Plan (unless you cancel your plan during your free pass period). A Coaching Plan gives you access to our weekly group coaching programme that runs for 47 weeks per year. You'll be able to access our holiday camp programmes with 50% discount and get priority access to competitions and events.

If you'd like to take to the court more than once per week, you can add additional weekly sessions (subject to availability) at a discounted rate. 

Do I have to sign up for a minimum term?

No! We are so confident that players will find our coaching enjoyable, affordable and convenient that we offer our Coaching Plans with no fixed term contract.  If in the unlikely event that you would like to cancel your plan, all you have to do is contact us giving us 4x week written notice to cancel.

Is there a joining fee?

To access our badminton programme players need to be active Community Badminton members. Memberships go towards subsidising the indoor court hire for coaching sessions, allowing us to keep our coaching fees at competitive rates, plus you also get some awesome benefits too! 

Benefits include:

  • Full access to our weekly coaching programme that run's for 47 weeks of the year
  • 50% discount on holiday camps for juniors and priority access to competitions and events
  • A Community Badminton t-shirt 
  • Automatic Subscription to an Annual Badminton England Membership.  Benefits include Member only Competitions for a chance to to play with your favourite England stars, priority access to badminton events, including the prestigious All England in Birmingham, a monthly e-newsletter and other discounts & special offers
  • Discounts on sports equipment from our partners at The Racket Factory

How many times per week should I play?

We encourage players to play at least twice per week to benefit from our coaching. Whether that be attending one coaching session and having a hit with a friend, or attending two coaching sessions per week. 

It only costs an extra £22.50 per month to join a second session per week - we offer this discount as it really helps accelerate and develop your game. Julie Bradbury didn't turn pro training once per week!

When registering online you'll have the option to select two sessions to attend. (subject to availability).

Does the programme run during the school holidays?

Yes! Coaching sessions run throughout the year, including during school holidays for 47 weeks of the year. The programme breaks for Bank Holidays, Easter (one-week), Summer (usually the last two weeks of summer holidays) and during the Christmas break (two weeks)

This helps provide a consistent approach to ensure all players continue to learn and progress on the programme throughout the year. 

The majority of adult coaching sessions continue to run throughout the year. There are some cases where morning or lunchtime coaching sessions may be rescheduled if they conflict with junior holiday camps. 

Is there a pay and play option available?

Sorry, we don't offer a pay as you play option for our junior programme. Players can join the programme by subscribing to a Coaching Plan. This helps us keep our administration costs down which keeps the costs to players at an affordable level.

We also strongly believe that regular attendance on the programme helps maintain the session suitability for the players alongside supporting players improve with groups of players of similar badminton standards. 

Is there any special clothing I need to wear?

We are pretty relaxed, but a sports kit and shoes need to be worn. We have a nice club kit available to buy if players are interested and you can purchase all your badminton kit from our sister company The Racket Factory –

Is the equipment provided, and do I need my own racket?

All equipment is provided during our coaching sessions. If you'd like your own racket, your coach will be able to advise you on the best choice for you and provide one to you at a discounted rate. You can always visit our online shop here if you like to purchase a racket sooner!

If you have any other questions that are not detailed above, please contact us via email or LiveChat.